The Focus on Building Your Future

Family litigation involves significant changes to our most personal relationships.

The stakes can be high.

In some cases, a litigant may be risking loss of the custody of a child, taking on the responsibility for burdensome monthly support payments, or losing a fair share of the assets accumulated during a marriage. Parties facing contempt petitions may even risk incarceration.

If you are facing family litigation, the results in your case can have a profound impact on your life for many years to come. The potential impact the case can have on you and your family make it vital to make your litigation decisions thoughtfully.

Portrait of Georgia Lord

Georgia Lord believes in helping her clients direct their attention to the horizon – toward the impact their current actions and decisions

Georgia encourages clients to focus on creating a sustainable plan for their future and then helps them pursue that plan in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

The number, wide variety, and difficulty of cases Georgia worked on while a staff member inside a Family Court taught her lots of potential ways to solve the types of problems that arise in family litigation. These solutions can bridge gaps between the parties’ positions, helping them find terms upon which both of them can whole-heartedly agree.

During her years as a Family Court staff member Georgia witnessed cases in which one of the parties “won” their case but only after the parties had spent so much of their accumulated assets on attorney fees that there ended up being very little left financially and emotionally. By keeping her focus on the horizon she helps her clients avoid such a result.

As Georgia explains,

“The nature of the litigation process can make it tempting to react from personal ego. Some lawyers get caught up in the litigation ‘battle’ and devote too much energy to the skirmishes that arise along the way. They spend a lot of time attacking or bickering with the other party or counsel. I focus, instead, on a vision of getting the client and his or her family from the difficult place in which they find themselves to a future in which they can be happy.”